5 Aeropress Accessories for Your Coffee Bar

Home coffee bars tend to be small in cramped kitchens. Understandable. If you are a passionate brewer, it’s okay to sacrifice some space for the craft.

Aeropress is your favorite brewer, so I have the accessories that will help you make better coffee. These Aeropress accessories will make your life easier and add a lot of value to your daily routine.

They are totally worth the extra counter space.

Let’s see them.

Rhino was Milk Pitcher

Wait, what about a milk pitcher? That’s right.

A stainless Rhinowares Australia milk pot accomplishes several things:

Allows for spill-free coffee sharing

You can drink from glassware

Although the Aeropress can only make 8 ounces of coffee per hour, I have had occasions when I wanted to share a cup with a friend. I prefer to share small amounts with friends in the evenings.

You can pour milk into multiple cups easily using a milk pitcher without spilling any.

Aeropress Drying Rack

The quickest way to cause damage to the brewer’s brewing system is to keep it damp. This can cause coffee to be spilled mid-brew by compromising the rubber seal. That’s bad.

Unfortunately, Aeropress can take a while to dry due to its odd-shaped parts. Don’t worry. This Aeropress Drying Rack will solve all your drying problems.

Fellow Prismo

The fellow is another well-respected coffee gear manufacturer. The Prismo Aeropress accessory is a new product from Fellow that aims to bridge the gap between Aeropress and espresso.

Aeropress does not make espresso, despite how it is advertised.

Modern espresso is made when hot water is forced through the fine ground at a high pressure of 8-10 bar. Although the Aeropress can make concentrated coffee, it can only achieve a maximum of 0.75 bar pressure. This is not as high as espresso machines.

The Prismo can’t change the low pressure. It will bring you closer to espresso-style coffee if the coffee is forced through an 80-micron filter and a pressure-actuated valve. This combination gives the coffee a richer taste and body and produces a long-lasting foam-like crema that tops it off.

Digital Thermometer

Another seemingly unrelated piece makes it onto the list.

It’s actually not unrelated. It is a powerful tool that every Aeropress coffee connoisseur must-have.

Aeropress has more brewing options than any other filter coffee maker. Many of these recipes call for water to be boiled at unusual temperatures. Aeropress uses pressure to brew water at lower than normal temperatures.

The Aeropress recipe that I worked at used water temperatures of…

… 176 degrees Fahrenheit!

This is almost 30 degrees below normal.

This recipe makes coffee that is rich in flavor and creamy. This is a great recipe and one that I use all the time at home.

Stainless Steel Filter

Last, but not least, is the most simple, cost-effective, and rewarding option: A Stainless Steel Filter.

Three main methods of brewing with metal filters are available:

They’re 100% eco-friendly. They completely eliminate all paper waste.

By allowing micro-grounds or aromatic oils to be added to your coffee mug, they brew coffee with more flavor and body

Aeropress is poised to take off. These accessories will bring you…

Coffee with more flavor

A better espresso-style coffee

Beverages that are eco-friendly

There are many more options for recipe creation

Easy coffee splitting

It is painless and quick drying

You can master your Aeropress but you will be disappointed if you don’t start with great beans. You should always start with specialty-grade, freshly roasted beans. Otherwise, your efforts will be wasted on bitter, stale coffee (sad).

5 Aeropress Accessories for Your Coffee Bar

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