10 Beautiful DIY Ideas of Using Chandelier to Light-Up Your Home

Certainly you can brighten up your home with chandelier lights and nowadays you can find these lights in many different styles and designs in the market.

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Here in this article, we shall provide you few beautiful ideas about chandelier lights that you can install at your home in DIY way.

    1. Bicycle chandelier

If you have got old bicycle lying at home unused then you can turn it into a very beautiful chandelier. If you have got some experience about electrical wiring and circuit then you can easily create your chandelier light in DIY way.

    2. Cardboard chandelier

Another idea is to have a great temporary chandelier. You can make it out of cardboard so you cannot expect it to last for a very long time.

It can be a great idea for your party decoration and find out from the net how you can make it.

    3. Crystal ball chandelier

If you are interested to make any cute décor item for your home like in any girl’s room then it can be a very beautiful decoration that can always be suitable for a wedding reception or any party as well.

    4. Foam chandelier

Are you looking for any chandelier for your party as décor piece? Though you can use it temporarily, it can be a very good option. You can find a necessary tutorial on the web to make your foam chandelier.

    5. Hoop chandelier

This kind of chandelier can always be created by using hoop and then by lighting it with any battery operated Christmas light. You will then require a hanging mechanism.

    6. Musical chandelier

If you are fond of music then surely you must have old records lying unused as due to technological upgradation they have become obsolete. You can use them to create a great musical chandelier and feel nostalgic about old music.

    7. Outdoor candle chandelier

If you are too fond of eating outside then to create your nice dining space in the deck or in the backyard space, you can add few nice tables and chairs. You can select a suitable outdoor candle chandelier, which can add value to your space.

    8. Pallet chandelier

Most of you must love to have a pallet on your site. This can always be a very useful material for building which does not cost a dime. Out of this, you can certainly create your chandelier in beautiful and rustic style.

     9. Solar light chandelier

This is also another great idea to have a chandelier light at your outdoor area. If you are not interested to use candles then you may prefer to go for solar. Instead of using fire as a source of light you can use sunlight.

    10. Spoon chandelier

Although this is a quite frugal idea but you can always buy few mismatched spoons just for pennies and probably you could also find the circle for hanging them from the circle as well to create your spoon chandelier.

10 Beautiful DIY Ideas of Using Chandelier to Light-Up Your Home

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