Why You Need to Visit the City, Memphis – Know the Reasons

Memphis is the vibrant city that has everything from popular history to thriving art scenes. People often think about barbecue food and blues music when it comes to Memphis. The city always keeps focus on the past and looks towards future.

Whether you are planning to visit or looking to move to Memphis, We Are Memphis is the best place to gather information. They provide information on every aspect of Memphis including business, career opportunities, culture and more.

The following are few reasons that help you to know why you need to visit Memphis.

Musical heritage

In Memphis, few places have rich musical heritage. Once upon a time Beale Street is the hub of Memphis music. Blue cubs and jazz were lined in the street during 1940s. These days, there are several museums that honor Memphis venues and musicians like Sun studio, Stax Museum Rock ‘n’ Soul museum and more.

Food in Memphis

Memphis is very popular for barbecue slathered in seasonings and sauces, rub ribs, and other delicious food items. In Memphis, there is so much tasty stuff for foodies including pulled pork, fried chicken, and American comfort food, incredible vegetarian/vegan fare and more. A lot new restaurants are opening up these days that offer a range of dishes.

Crafted beer capital

Craft beer is the main highlight of the city. There are various local breweries such as Ghost River Brewing Co., Wiseacre brewing Co., and High Cotton Brewing Co. All those breweries serve beer produced by artesian wells. The inventive beer with tasty barbeques pair perfectly.

Memphis zoo

Memphis zoo is one of the things that you need to visit when you are in Memphis. It is separated into 3 zones, which showcase around 19 exhibits such as mimic animals, 2 mile walk and natural habitats. The zoo contains more than 500 species and 3,500 animals.

Few exhibits include Primate Canyon, China, Cat Country that has creatures from China to Africa.  Also, Memphis zoo contains a miniature train, restaurants, playground, gift shops and Carousel. All these, offer a great fun, educational and wildlife adventure.

Elvis Presley in Graceland mansion

Memphis is the place where Rock ‘n’ Roll king, Elvis Presley lived. Graceland mansion is the home of Elvis Presley, now it is the 2nd most-visited mansion in America. It is served as museum that holds a lot original artifacts and décor such as painting, received from Elvis father for Christmas, family photographs, Meditation garden and more.

Great outdoors to explore

Memphis will have good weather throughout the year and it offers plenty of outdoor activities like bike trails, adventure park, Mud Island River Park, pedal boats, Mississippi River hydraulic replica and more.

Plus, there are various other reasons to visit Crystal Shrine Grotto, Beale Street, Memphis Rebirds, AutoZone Park, Gibson Guitar and more.

If you want to enjoy the artistic scenes, live music performances, barbeque, crafted beer and more Memphis is the best place. Choose the best website that offer information about Memphis and plan your trip to enjoy on the roads of Memphis with your friends or family.

Why You Need to Visit the City, Memphis – Know the Reasons

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