Learn How to Reverse Parallel Park Legally and Safely

The objective of this article is to help you learn the legal and safe way to reverse Parallel Park your vehicle between two stationary vehicles. Refer to these tips to become skilled in parallel parking your vehicle.

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Tips to Parellel Reverse Your Vehicle

You can drive-up following the selected space where you want to park your vehicle. You can judge the size to make sure your vehicle fits safely in it. There should be a minimum of two meters distance between your vehicle and the other vehicle.

You should ensure that there is no approaching traffic. Always check the right blind spot. If you see a clear path, then you can begin reversing slowly and turn your steering wheel towards the left.

Keep on reversing your car till it comes at a 45-degree angle. At this angle, you can keep reversing your car but turn the steering wheel towards the right direction till you are into the park.

As you are reversing the vehicle, look in the left mirror to track the kerb. Watch out for oncoming traffic. Monitor how close the bonnet is to your car in front.  Go forward to straighten up. Ensure your car gets parallel to the kerb.

Large spaces

If you do not see any marked parallel parking bays, then parking at an equal distance between two vehicles does not make the best utilization of the space. You should park at a normal distance from one of these vehicles.  Move an inch in the forward direction to the wheels of the vehicle are straight to execute the parallel park.

Small spaces

If you find that the space is tight and small, and then determines whether the vehicle that is behind or in front has a convenient exit. Leave them a little less space.  If the vehicle present in front of you leaves and gets replaced by another vehicle, then that vehicle might park nearer to you. In this way, it will reduce the close space to a greater extent.

The problem, in this case, is that the vehicle behind you may leave before you and get replaced by another one that fills the gap. In such a situation, you will need to use your judgment.

Vehicles with tow bars

This is another important scenario that you need to consider when you want to parallel park your car between two vehicles. If the vehicle in front of you as a tow bar then a driver should leave it a little more space. This is because the driver can misjudge the additional lent and for the tow bar to it the car.


Parallel parking your vehicle requires a lot of practice. Without skill, it can lead to accidents too. Do not get demotivated if you do not learn it straightway. With constant training, you can gain proficiency and Parallel Park your vehicle without any issues.

Learn How to Reverse Parallel Park Legally and Safely

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